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                  Falk Law Office
                        4932 SE Woodstock Blvd.
                        Portland, OR 97206

                       503 774 3344     

Trial Attorney

Benjamin Falk is a trial lawyer that is dedicated to ensuring you receive the benefits and compensation
you are entitled to under the law, when some knucklehead needlessly recklessly, or willfully causes you harm.  
Injury cases are taken on Contingency, with no up front legal fees, and no fees without a recovery.


Falk Law Office

          When some knucklehead negligently causes you harm, creating completely unnecessary losses, you have the right to a fair recovery.  At Falk Law Office, Benjamin "Big Ben" Falk is committed to helping you achieve the fair compensation you deserve.  The insurance industry has no interest in making sure you are properly taken care of.  Ben is a trained personal injury attorney who has been practicing law in Oregon since 2001 and understands the process of handling an injury claim through a jury trial.  Conveniently located at the Woodstock Professional Building, next to the Public Library on Woodstock Boulevard, Bicyclists, Dog Owners, Singles, Couples, Parents, Vegans, Poker Players, Golfers, Juveniles,  Yonder Mountain Fans, LGBT and All People, are welcome at this law practice.  

"If I can't help you, I know a lot of quality attorneys, and I'll point you in the right direction."