Violation of safety rules is just not acceptable when someone needlessly ends up injured.  If someone's rule breaking has hurt you, please make sure you get proper medical care and legal counsel right away.

It's About Community Safety

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If you've been hurt, don't talk to the at fault person's insurance company and don't wait another minute before getting legal counsel. Contact Benjamin for a free personal injury consultation today.


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Community Safety Rules exist to protect bicyclists, drivers, passengers, pedestrians, customers, you, me, and everyone else. Community Safety Rules are there to ensure reasonable safety for all.  

If you were hurt by someone's failure to follow these safety rules, it is only right that you are to be taken care of.  I will help you present your claim, to a jury if necessary, for proper compensation of what was needlessly and unnecessarily taken from you.

Vehicle/Bicycle Injuries 

Big Rig, Bus and Motorcycle Crashes

Dog Bites/Pedestrian Injuries

Traumatic Brain Injuries
Unsafe Floors or Conditions
Elevator/Escalator Injuries

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