Mr. Falk has the ethics and integrity of a saint. He helped me pull through a criminal case without any flaws. He took the necessary steps to clear my name by hiring a private investigator to get the "dirt" on the other person involved. The case was eventually dismissed due to lack of evidence on the DA's side. Then a few years later I hired Mr. Falk to take care of my financial worries, he did so and made the process run like a purring kitten. I would recommend Mr. Falk for any areas of practice that he works. He is the type of attorney who has his clients best interests in mind. Very reasonable rates as well. Communication is very good as well. To this day if I have any legal questions, I go straight to Mr. Falk and without any questions he responds with a solution or recommendation! --Donna H.

I have known Ben for several years now and I have so much respect for him. He is an excellent advocate for his clients and does whatever he can ethically to get his clients the best possible outcome. He is a great person and a pleasure to work with. I do not hesitate to send him clients, without exception. I highly recommend Ben to anybody looking for a great attorney.  --Erin F.

Ben is an excellent lawyer and an excellent person. I highly recommend him.  --Ronn E.

I strongly endorse Benjamin Falk. I have been involved with him in complex litigation cases, and was impressed with his zealous and professional advocacy for his clients. I recommend him for your litigation needs.  --Anne T.

I recently settled a divorce case with Ben Falk as opposing counsel. Throughout the case, Ben was focused on achieving his client's goals in a cost-effective manner. I recommend Ben as a divorce and personal injury attorney. --Grant B.

I have known Benjamin for many years. He is one of the brightest people I know with a profound ability to use his cognitive skills to successfully surmount any challenge. Benjamin would be an extremely valuable addition to any law firm. I highly recommend Benjamin.  --Jason R.

Ben Falk is awesome! He was talking with me and keeping me informed of the laws and past court decisions during every stage of the 4 cases that I have had him represent me in. He is still representing me in 1 of those cases.   I have used other lawyers in the past and really disliked lawyers because they were all about the money. I felt that they were not very knowledgeable and just did not care about me...I found Ben in 2007 and have had absolutely great results with him.  He is very reasonably priced, very very smart and knowledgeable in several different aspects and areas of law, he is always calm and courteous and has the absolutely best demeanor about himself.  ​He is without a doubt the best lawyer I have ever had the pleasure of defending me. I am constantly recommending him to friends and family that may require an attorney, and I will continue to use him. I have found my lawyer for life, in Benjamin O Falk! You will be more than pleased with him!!  --James W.


​I am a father, a husband, and an attorney.  I was on Wheel of Fortune once. I won every puzzle, except for one toss-up.  I enjoy bicycling, archery, golf (especially at Eastmoreland), guitar, poker, and chess. 

Personal Injury: My main area of expertise is plaintiff’s personal injury work and civil litigation.  I handle such matters as bicycle injuries, car collisions, pedestrian injuries, brain injuries, wrongful death, premises liability/unsafe conditions, escalator and elevator injuries, dog bites, big rig truck collisions and other catastrophic accidents and serious injuries. 

Criminal Defense: I also handle criminal matters including boat related offenses. I have been involved in hundreds of criminal cases, including misdemeanor and felony charges of violence, drugs, stolen property, felony murder, and DUII.  I will advise you about your situation while protecting all of your rights guaranteed by the Oregon and Federal Constitutions.  I will determine the admissibility and sufficiency of the State's evidence and as your ally, we will proceed together to resolve the matter with the least amount of impact on your life, including sealing of the record if possible.

Juvenile Delinquency: Juvenile matters can follow a kid around for the rest of his/her life. Please consult with me or another attorney if your kid (or you) are in trouble. Juvenile consults are always free, with or without a parent, and are strictly confidential.

Divorce and Custody: I have extensive family law experience regarding custody, divorce, support and DHS abuse and neglect cases. I understand the importance of preservation of the family, and the long-term effects a bitter divorce or custody battle will have on kids and their parents.  I’m going to help you get through this with thoughtful deliberation, and I’m going to do everything I can to keep the peace. 

Administrative Law: I handle Administrative matters such as professional licensing problems, Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) matters and Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) issues.

Other:  I draft wills and associated documents such as powers of attorney, deeds, and advance directives.  I also handle non-physical injury civil matters, such as illegal storage foreclosures, administrative law, professional licensing, contracts, and general civil litigation.

About Me

                 Falk Law Office
                         4932 SE Woodstock Blvd.
                              Portland, OR 97206

            503 774 3344